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Industrial Finishing Division>>Spray painting booths

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Industrial Finishing Division

Spray painting booths – NO PUMP Water wash, Water Screen, Dry Type

We are a leading name in manufacturing Spray Painting Booths for diverse applications. These comply with Stringent Environmental Protection Norms across the country with operator safety.

Features and Specs
  • It complies with Factories ACT - Adequate Ventilation where spray painting is carried out
  • Prevents Pollution - Air exhausted from paint shop to be clean of paint as much as possible
  • Operator Safety - To ensure disposal of solvent vapors and over-spray deposits. This also avoids the fire risks
  • Achievement quality work - Booth with fresh air inlet supply would ensure dust free quality of painting
  • Operator Comfort and Health - Adequate air flow at breathing level of operator to ensure operator comfort, health and work efficiency

Kinds of booths

There are two type of booths, water wash type & dry type, selection are made depending on following:

  • Type of paint
  • Quantity of paint being used
  • Spray equipment used
  • Type of component to be painted
  • Material handling

Application area

  • Automotive & its ancillaries
  • General engineering
  • Heavy earth moving equipment industry
  • White good products
  • Power equipments
  • Aviation, Marine components
  • Defense etc.

Different models

  • Full Depth Type No-pump Water-wash / dry Spray Painting Booth
  • Bench Type No-pump Water-wash / dry type Spray Painting Booth
  • Conveyorised Type No-pump Water-wash / dry type Spray Painting Booth
  • Down Draught Type No-pump Water-wash / dry type Spray Painting Booth
  • Enclosed Special Purpose Type No-pump Water-wash / dry type Spray Painting Booth
  • Laboratory Application No-pump Water-wash / dry type Spray Painting Booth

Optional feature

  • Water Curtain arrangement is provided as optional in water wash spray booth
  • Fresh air supply system is provided as optional for positively pressurized enclosed spray painting booth
  • CO2 Flooding / water sprinkler fire fighting system
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Complicated Exhaust ducting
  • Centralised Sludge Management System
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