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Industrial Finishing Division>>Industrial Parts Cleaning Machine

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Industrial Finishing Division
Industrial cleaning / washing is of  a significant importance between machining operation and assembly of precision engineered  components. The machined component when filled with machine oil,  chips, shop dirt / dust, etc and assembled without cleaning, it would spoil the precision and performance of engineered component.  Hence in process & final machining operation, components are  required to clean specifically / general cleaning of Screwed / through holes, tapped holes, cavities, galleries, etc with suitable water  based cleaning media either dip / spray etc. Various filtration systems for oil removal, chips / metal dirt removal is provided with suitable interlocks. Components after cleaning are subjected to  air blowing stage / drying stage to remove water traces from cleaned  component.
Features and Specs

Various Types

  • General Purpose Batch / Conveyorised Type Washing Machine.
  • Special Purpose Batch type Washing Machine.
  • Special Purpose Conveyorised Washing Machine.
  • Dunking Type Batch / Conveyorised Washing Machine.

Application area

  • Automotive Engineered companies
  • General Engineering components
  • Aviation, Marine service products etc.
Industrial Parts Cleaning Machine
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