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Industrial Finishing Division>>Fluidized Bed Thermal Cleaning Machines

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Industrial Finishing Division
Fluidized Bed Thermal Cleaning Machines – for Paint / Powder Removal from Jigs / Fixtures / Gratings

We represent SEGHERS Keppel Technology, Belgium for “ Seghgers Fluid clean Machine” for removal of plastics / rubber / paint  from dies / metal parts / hardware / jigs/ hooks / hangers / grids etc.

Features and Specs
Keppel Seghers is an international group and part of the listed Keppel Corporation in Singapore which focuses on three core business activities – Offshore & Marine, Infrastructure & Environment and Property Development. With a global footprint in more than 25 countries, Keppel is committed to leveraging its global network, diversifying resources and strengthening its brand to grow its core businesses and deepen its strong relationships with its broad base of customers.

Keppel Seghers is a leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions ranging from consultancy, design and engineering, technology and construction to operations and maintenance of facilities. Our advanced technology solutions address a wide spectrum of environmental issues such as solid waste, wastewater, drinking & process water, biosolids & sludge.

On top of this, Keppel Seghers offers a full range of environmentally-friendly industry applications for the removal of organic substances from metal parts and tools.
Modern coatings and plastics bond very strongly to surfaces and traditional cleaning and stripping methods like burning, chemicals and hammering are no longer adequate. They are not only insufficient for thoroughly removing modern organic materials; they  also demand many unhealthy and costly labour hours, damage or deform costly parts and result in air and water pollution.

Seghers Keppel’s thermal cleaning solutions remove:

  •  All possible organic soiling substances (paints, plastics, rubber…)
  •  From all kinds of metal parts
  •  In no matter what industry

Seghers Keppel’s thermal cleaning solutions clean:

  •  Fast & thorough
  • Without part damaging

Seghers Keppel’s thermal cleaning solutions are:

  • Safe for both operator and environment


  • No damage or distortion of body skids and paint shop components
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Environmentally-friendly (no chemicals involved and no hazardous waste or wastewater generated)
  • Minimal labor needed to operate
  • Flexible design & operation
  • Fast cleaning (Typical cleaning cycle 30-60minutes)
  • Low operating costs
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Easy to operate
  • Proven technology
  • Short cleaning cycles of typical 90 minutes

Application Areas

  • Jigs, Hangers and Gratings for paint removal in Paint shop.
  • Rubber denuding from metal.
  • Aluminum De-coring from Castings.



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