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Industrial Finishing Division>>Autophoretic Coating Plant

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Industrial Finishing Division
Autophoretic®, also known as autodepostion or A-coat, is a waterborne process in which organic polymeric emulsion chemically deposits on the surface of a clean metal substrate.

Henkel Directly maintains or licenses technical manufacturing and business development support for the unique technology in every region of world.
Jost's / Bullows builds the plant required for the dipping of the component  and material handling.
Features and Specs

A unique feature of the autodeposition process is the formation of a uniform film over the entire surface of the work piece, even in difficult-to-reach areas

  • superior barrier protection while
  • reduced application equipment footprint
  • lower process energy consumption,
  • the elimination of heavy metal waste and volatile organic compounds emissions, improvement of inside-out corrosion performance.
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